Mentoring Exercises – 12 Scenarios

Mentoring is actuality to stay. Actuality are a alternative of mentoring contest that will advice your aggregation practise book analysis.

Situation 1:

Your HR Department has just deployed a new affiliate to your team. He is actual accomplished and abreast in your industry. It seems he was abandoned from a aggressive aggregation and is absolutely judgmental about your accepted company’s operations. You accept been assigned to be his mentor.

Describe your response.

Situation 2:

In a business plan competition, you accept been assigned to be a coach for a Startup. However, the Startup has not been actual accommodating and does not reflect a charge to be mentored in the aboriginal place. To your own astonishment, the Startup has even approached addition coach to be in their team!

You adjudge to breach abroad from them and coincidentally, you ascertain some advice that will advice them be added actuating in their business plan presentation.

Will you acquaint them?

Situation 3:

You accept a acquaintance who has just absent his job in chief administration position. His curtailment has befuddled a spanner in the works, abnormally with commendations to sending his alone adolescent for added studies overseas.

He approaches you and ask for application aural your Startup – finer as the Managing Director, so that his coffer loans will not be affected. However, you are in a bind because you feel that there is a advanced generational gap.

How will you boldness this problem?

Situation 4:

You chanced on a blog that was set up by your assigned workplace-mentee, that provides abundant unfavourable animadversion about your accepted company. Your mentee has been accurate not to adduce specific names but you are audible that the photos that he has uploaded are taken aural the workplace.

Should you address to college management?

Situation 5:

You accept been approached to be a mentor/advisory lath affiliate for a non- accumulation organisation. You accommodated up with the Founder and feel energised – you actual acknowledgment is a aural “yes”. You are aswell affected by the associates of a arresting coach who is a able-bodied recognised figure. You argue yourself that you are in actual acceptable company.

However, as time progresses, you ascertain that you are not consistently adapted with the organisation’s advance and your associates does not actualize abundant address with the organisation’s activities and direction.

Do you stay? Or were you never meant to be allotment of that organisation? Discuss your controlling matrix.

Situation 6:

As a mentor, how do you ensure that you accomplish a aberration in the business decisions of a Startup or Non-profit organisation? Can you be abiding that your angle are valued, not just your actual contacts?

Situation 7:

Your ex-student asks you for a favour. He has a accumulation of accompany who are accomplished in music. You watch their singing on YouTube and am actual impressed. You advance that they compose jingles for ads to get exposure.

Do you accept added suggestions?

Situation 8:

You accept been approached to be allotment of a Startup that is complex in creating a business action lath game. However, your advance in the aggregation is impeded by the abridgement of assurance that the lath game’s architect has in absolute to you the complete business idea.

How will you proceed?

Situation 9:

You are the chic adviser and accept been assigned to be a associate to a new apprentice who has appear from a country area English is the additional language. The new apprentice is actual motivated in convalescent his English adequacy and insists in abutting the chic agitation aggregation to improve. You are the chic captain and you charge the aggregation to do able-bodied to addition your affairs of accepting into a acceptable accessory school.

What should you do?

Situation 10:

You ascertain that a accountable teacher’s blog provides abundant clues for his own acceptance to do able-bodied in a Science exam. You are aswell teaching the aforementioned subject.

Should you chase suit?

Situation 11:

You accept been asked to be a coach for a a accumulation of acceptance who wish to accession funds for a non-profit organisation. During the advance of affair up with them, you feel that the baton of the accumulation has aspirations of application the fund- adopting as an befalling to get absorption and maybe a job in the non-profit organisation.

What should you do?

Situation 12:

You are allotment of a parents accumulation that is ambience up a aliment arrest to abutment the school’s fun fair. The arrest that raises the a lot of will win a cost and get recognition. In the morning of the fun fair, you appear to see a ancestor buy from a actual accepted bell-ringer stall, which contradicts the rules of complete aliment alertness by volunteers.

As a mentor, should you advice to advance the superior of your own arrest or draft the whistle?

Your Role Is To Play

“We animate you to decide, as aboriginal in activity as possible, that your ascendant absorbed and acumen for actuality is to reside appropriately anytime after.

That would be a actual acceptable career choice: to approach against those activities and to embrace those desires that accord with your amount intentions, which are abandon and advance and joy. Accomplish a ‘career’ of active a blessed activity rather than aggravating to acquisition plan that will aftermath abundant assets that you can do the things with your money that will afresh accomplish you happy. If activity blessed is of ascendant accent to you and what you do ‘for a living’ makes you blessed you accept begin the best of all combinations.” ~ Abraham-Hicks

The adduce aloft makes absolute faculty to me. Afterwards all, I am a Law of Attraction coach. I accept spent bags of chic hours admonition the bulletin of “If it ain’t fun, don’t do it” and “Fun is #1!” But, there are times if it seems like arena is not an option.

I had an acquaintance endure night area I got to convenance award the fun in a aching moment. I went to bed with some abnormal affliction abreast my pelvis. I had a brace of abrogating thoughts about “what was wrong.” Afresh I fabricated the best to assurance that all was able-bodied with my body.

In the average of the night I woke up in astringent pain. Whoa! What the heck was traveling on? The alarming thoughts came again. I went to worst-case scenarios in ten abnormal flat! I knew I could accomplish a altered choice. I absitively to accept some fun and use my Inner Magician.

I apperceive that the Law of Attraction allows us to actually actualize anything. Anything. I began to focus on sleep. My ambition was to abatement comatose easily, even if the affliction remained, and aswell that if I woke up the affliction would be gone. I absolutely looked at this action as a little game.

I woke up this morning with a smile. I accomplished that it had alone taken me about two account endure night to abatement aback to sleep, and my affliction was gone.

That was easy! I apperceive that what kept it ablaze was not “trying” to force the affliction out with my thoughts, but instead absorption on arena with my abracadabra admiral as a architect of my reality.

This aforementioned angle can be acclimated in banking ache as well. Do you accept an amount you’re abashed you can’t afford? What if it became a bold to allure abrupt income? If you don’t apperceive area the money will appear from, you alone accept two choices. You can either anguish or let go of the stress. I consistently vote for the latter.

The bold is to acquiesce the Universe to abruptness you with a antecedent of revenue. In adjustment to play the game, you accept to assurance that the Universe will play its role in excellence. Afterwards all, its job is to alike circumstances, people, and contest to abutment your requests. Your claiming and role is to abide to acknowledge any baby affirmation in your favor, accept fun with all things you enjoy, and assurance in your ability to altogether actualize your activity after alive yourself so hard.

What affirmation can you acknowledge appropriate now?